Damain Valdivia

Dr. Fleischer:

Boy, where do I start?

I walked into your door a mess. I had headaches, was fatigued, and stressed out. As a matter of fact I could not even concentrate at work often times leaving at mid-day unable to focus. If I could put my feelings into one word at that time it would be “unhealthy”.

Now, I am also skeptical of all doctors (or was that time), especially ones that are going to “adjust” me. You took the time and effort to explain what chiropractic was all about, how you worked with a patient and what was expected of me as your patient. You also took the time to listen to how I was feeling and the stress I thought I was under, and believe it or not after that first meeting with you I actually started to feel better and I had yet to be adjusted.

It has now been one month since I first walked into your door and the headaches have gone along with the fatigue. I am a happier person and am excelling at my job as I once had before To say that you are responsible for this would be an understatement, and while I would not call you a miracle worker, I would say your pretty darn close.

Your friend and patient,

The Whistler

Better known as Damain Valdivia

Dan, Cathrin, and Kevin

Dear Dr. Fleischer,

Our family has been under your care for almost a year. Your enthusiasm brought, first my husband, then myself, then, through education, our son (3 years) was introduced. Chiropractic has surprised us with some personal changes. It is obvious that our family has experienced a boost in our immune system. We have always been a circle of cold/flu’s; starting with one of us, passing to the rest, then back full circle for months. We have tried everything that pharmacies have to offer as well as the antibiotics of the medical community. Since your care, we have managed to do without the “medicines”.
Another Change we have noticed is a major decrease in the quantity of headaches my husband has experienced. He has also noticed an improvement in the lower back area. We have, however, learned from you that chiropractic did not “cure” us, it has just helped improve our well being.
You continue to educate us as well as remaining equally excited about your profession and our health as you were at our first visits. That kind of care is priceless. I cannot think of any other doctor (including our pediatrician) who is as devoted, dedicated, involved, and truly concerned about his patients as you are.
Our family thanks you and is looking forward to other improvements your care, supervision, education and enthusiasm will provide us.


The Sargent Family
Dan, Cathrin, and Kevin

P.S. See you next week!

Dave Bonura

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

I had initially met Howard at the gym after seeing him there frequently and learning he was preparing for a bodybuilding contest. Then one day, to my surprise, he showed up at my job. He was in our employee break room educating associates about Chiropractic. This is when I learned of his profession for the first time. Still, though at age 29, I thought a chiropractor was a doctor you went to when your back hurt or you had a neck pain or some similar ailment.

I asked Howard at the gym one day if he got any clients from his visit to my job. That’s when he asked me if I was interested in getting “adjusted”. I still didn’t even know what that meant, and since my back didn’t hurt or anything else for that matter, I declined but still gave Howard my phone number for future reference. Howard called me back and offered me a free consultations, which I was somewhat curious about, but I was slow to return his call.

Then fate intervened. During a workout, I apparently pinched a nerve. I wasn’t sure at the time. I thought maybe I just strained a muscle in my neck. All I know for sure was that I was in terrible pain. I tried 3 brands of aspirin for 4 or 5 days with no improvement at all. Then I realized I needed to see Howard.

From my first visit, when I accused Howard of putting a curse on me and my neck, I was “hooked”. Howard took the time to educate me about Chiropractic and I liked it! I’ve always been a health conscious person since my early teens, working out and eating good, so this sounded right for me. After the first few adjustments my pain went away in my neck and I looked forward to each visit. After my next few visits and getting back into the gym, I noticed that certain pain when doing certain exercises had gone away! I also noticed how certain muscles had not developed evenly because of my body compensating for being out of alignment. My body is now working as efficiently as possible and I can feel the difference!

I can only wonder what an obstacle my subluxations have been to my health and performance thus far. I thank Howard Fleischer for introducing me to and educating me about Chiropractic. Howard always has my best interest as a priority and look forward to seeing him for many, many years.


Dave Bonura

Marco Rufo

Dear Howard,

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your services. I have for the last eighteen months been under your doctoring, with amazing results.

In the beginning of my treatment I was very skeptical of chiropractor’s because of the immense programming that we all receive from the day we are born, from the Medical World (MD’s). However, you explained to me Spinal Nerve Distribution, at first I barely understood the concept, but when you said “an unhealthy spine causes disease and dysfunction in many part of the body” I understood and it became very clear to me.

If all nerves stem from your spinal cord and if they are damaged, pinched, slipped disc, suburated vertebra, irritated spinal nerve, etc known or unknowingly could the body (parts, organs etc.) function properly? No they can not.

I saw a dramatic change in my energy level, complexion (specifically circles under my eyes), headaches, bowel movements, serve back pain and most of all overall good health. I have not been sick (common flu) since seeking your treatment, I use to be sick at least twice a year.

Howard, I am a firm believer in your ideology. I wish you the utmost success, you deserve it. Once again thank you for all you have done!

Sincerely yours,

Marco Rufo
President & CEO
Trilateral Alliance Corporation, Inc.

Losa M. Willis

Dear Dr. Howard Fleischer’s Patients:

“A Chiropractor???– Why would I go to a chiropractor if I’m sick with a cold?” was my response to Steve Vannoy when he told me to see one. He gave me a little run down about subluxations as well as Howard’s phone number. It all made sense but still didn’t give me enough motivation to make an appointment. The next day I went to my normal doctor who told me I had a bronchial infection, close to having pneumonia and then prescribed 4 different medications. Three weeks later I was back in the doctor’s office still stick with the same symptoms. He then prescribed 2 other medications. Four weeks later, I was still sick and had given up on my doctor as well as the medication. Then one morning I woke up to find that my husband literally couldn’t move–he had hurt his back at work the night before. Since I have always associated chiropractors with backaches, I decided it was time to call Howard. I made an appointment for my husband and threw my name in there for an appointment also, figuring I’d be driving there anyway. Little did I know what changes would be made in our lives. We have now been seeing Howard for about 4 months and have not only learned much about chiropractic/health care but also how a doctor really should be. We have appreciated his friendship and genuine concern as a person and doctor.

My husband’s back got better right away–but that has become almost a side note compared to all my health improvements. (I’m sure he’ll write a letter about his own health improvements). My husband and I both work 2 jobs–one from 8-5 and the other from 6-midnight. Just thinking about it is tiring! One very noticeable difference is that we have a lot more energy and feel better physically. I had been breaking out in hives almost every day for the six months prior to seeing Howard. My regular doctor prescribed Claritin which I took faithfully every night when the hives appeared. Since my first adjustment, I have not broken out in hives even once! They immediately went away–and so have the pills! My bronchial infection that I thought was going to last forever finally cleared up–without medication. The minor headaches that I was accustomed to, no longer occur. My posture has improved tremendously. Needless to say, I am very glad that I went to see Howard even though I wasn’t the one with the backache!!!


Losa M. Willis – Te’o

Pam Fader

Dear Dr. Fleischer,

I would like to thank you for the help you gave my son Brandon when he had a painful earache between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. My mother called me very concerned about Brandon and I arranged for her to take him to see his physician. The physician saw the beginning of an ear infection and gave Brandon a prescription for antibiotics but suggested that we watch him to see if it gets worst before administering them. When my mother told the doctor that she was taking Brandon for an adjustment her comment was, “Well, that might just do it”.

My mother brought him to your office and immediately after the adjustment we saw that he was feeling better. I brought him in the next day and the day after that. He was now doing just fine. You saved our vacation by Brandon not having to take medication. Thanks to you he was well enough to goon our trip.

I appreciate the good care you give my entire family all year long. Yes, now both of my kids and I get adjusted regularly. I have noticed a marked improvement in all our health since we have been getting regular adjustments.

Thank you again,

Pam Fader

Julie Lugo Cerra

Dear Dr. Fleischer

I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given my entire family. We all have tendency to simply take things in stride, moving forward with everyday life, despite aches and pains, which eventually impede activities. Sam and I are, I guess, from a generation that naturally tends to adjust, rather than thinking of getting help. Even taking walks ceased to be enjoyment for me, which was impacting my health and attitude.

None of our family ever considered chiropractic care before you. But it is always nice to have bright, problem-solving kids, who are forward thinking. Michele found certain relief under your care, after her friend Michelle, whom we affectionately call us”2Ls” referred her to you. Despite my lack of enthusiasm, I agreed to make an appointment. Well, the story comes full circle after Sam watched his family take on a renewed look of health, and became a patient.

I was reminded recently of the difference when I found myself walking down the street with my daughter behind, and Sam trailing. I felt like the old mother duck, but it was great to heat them say again “Hey, you don’t have to run!” So, I simply told them it was all Dr. Fleischer’s fault……

Now, we let you do the adjusting. Thanks again, for being there, working with us, and offering the comfort of a happy smiling staff so we look forward to our visits to your office.

As Sam says, “I’m hooked!”


Julie Lugo Cerra

Adriana Budnic

This is something new I just learned within the last 3 months… Why??? … because I had been suffering from upper and lower back pain, headaches, and was having trouble sleeping. Then one day I said “enough is enough, I need to do something so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest!!!”

I do not believe in taking medication; I believe in eating healthy and I work out and take care of myself. How can you do all this when you are in pain?… You can not!

Well, I was smart enough to listen to one of my good friends and go see a Chiropractor. It has not been close to 3 months and I know for sure that I was right in my way of life. I now am getting healthier and have more energy than those around me. After being in an accident and out of work for almost 3 months, I will be returning to work in a few days and to my active lifestyle of exercising and working out. Well, I have two people to thank for this – my friend who sent me in here and my Chiropractor, Dr. Fleischer. Chiropractic has also alleviated my headaches and has given me a non-drug approach to my sleeping problems. I also see great improvement in the lower back pain I had been suffering with (I know for a fact that low back pain is one of the most common conditions afflicting people in the Western world, afflicting close to 85% of all persons at sometime in their lives.)

It is nice to have a doctor explain what is being close to you and trying to share his knowledge with his patients. It is nice to know that you not only have a doctor, but a very caring, trustful person in that doctor.

I believe so much in what Dr. Fleischer is doing that my two children also get adjusted regularly.

You read that the doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will increase patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. I am happy to say that I have met the doctor of the future… Dr. Fleischer, my Chiropractor.

Adriana Budnic

Damian, Wendy, Collin & Dominic Valdivia

Dear Howard:

Our family has been coming to your for quite a few years now. I, as a mother of two very active boys, want to say thank you for taking such good care of our family!

Before we started chiropractic care with you, our boys would get sick like clock work. Every October one of them would be sick on Halloween. And between January – February they would experience flu-like symptoms and ear infections. Now, I cannot remember the last time one of them had it either.

Just this morning, a parent from their school asked me what my secret was to keeping the family healthy. The one thing that came to mind that is constant in our life was regular adjustments from you. So, my answer was “chiropractic care”.

So again, we would like to say THANK YOU to you and your staff for taking care of us!


Damian, Wendy, Collin & Dominic Valdivia

3 Responses to “SUCCESS Stories”

  1. Tanena Evans Says:

    I love my visits with Dr. Howard Fleischer at Atlas Chiropractic in Culver City. He offers quality service in a friendly atmosphere. Dr. Howard Fleischer and the staff (Pam and Monica) make you feel welcome as soon as you walk into the office. The quality of service is above and beyond what you can expect. Dr. Howard Fleischer explains and demonstrate where to problem is and how to make the necessary corrections. If you are looking for a chiropractor that will offer you the “paramount” service, don’t look any further just give Dr. Howard Fleischer a call (310-398-0888), you will “not” be disappointed!

  2. Tanena Evans Says:

    By tanena.evans – May 26, 2010
    Dr. Howard and his staff are wonderful people. I have visited with Dr. Howard for over two years. He takes his time with you and explains in details what is going on with your body and how to correct it. On my first visit he took ex-ray to determine what area needs to be adjusted. Once the ex-ray came back, he called me into his office for a consultation and explain all the things I was doing well, also all the things that needed to be improved. He is not just a Chiropractor he is wonderful person! Therefore, if you are in need of this service, contact Dr. Howard he is the best person for the job‎

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